David Michael
Architectural Design & Building Specialists

The Design-Build Process

   For our client’s convenience, we have outlined the steps and procedures that will help you understand the design, material selections, pricing and scheduling process for your project.

Initial Consultation


1st Meeting

Complimentary initial consultation

Preliminary design direction & project scope

Probable construction cost

Preliminary project timeline

                                                                                                        You Receive
Project Preview Package

2nd Meeting

Review estimated project cost range outline

Review clients needs & wants form

Establish a preliminary project budget

Design Proposal 
                                                                                                You Receive
Project Feasibility Package

Design & Budgeting


Weekly Meetings

Clients and project consultant meet to define the project in detail

Detailed field recon & information gathering

Basic regulatory research

Development of a range of design solutions

Updated cost estimates

                                                                                                        You Receive
Schematic Design & Budget Packages
Concept & Budget Approval

Final Design

Comprehensive design refinement & detailing

Selection assistance

Final regulatory approval

Final cost estimating/construction proposal

                                                                                                        You Receive
Final Drawings & Specifications
Project Mobilization




Experienced, in-house project managers

Construction schedule with periodic updates

Regular project summary meetings

                                                                                                        You Receive
A Beautiful Project

Final Completion