David Michael
Architectural Design & Building Specialists

Design Philosophy

   David Michael Consulting Group’s goal is to provide a uniquely complete design process that allows you to enter the renovation experience with clear expectations. We believe that remodeling at its best- flows out of a commitment to address and solve the problems of design and construction before starting the construction work, eliminating much of the delay and frustration that often accompany the building process.

The Design Process

Initial Meeting

   We listen to you-what your dreams, your needs, wants, timeframe and budget are? You want to know if we are a good fit for your project, but more importantly, that it will be a good working relationship. If you agree, we move forward with the Design Agreement. We estimate a budget range with some leeway to make your project as you want it to be.

Design Begins

   We ask a lot of questions about your needs and lifestyle. We develop concepts as you saw it, adding ideas and solutions of our own.

Preliminary Presentation

   We show you what we have done; and you tell us what you like. We have a firm sense of budget.
Design development phase commences and we fully explore the project, meeting with you a number of times to collaborate on design solutions and budget. During this phase we often take you on shopping trips in which many material selections are made.
We sign a Construction Contract

   We’ve done it! We’ve finalized all the decisions, and you know exactly what to expect. Now we order materials, schedule, and take care of community reviews and building permits.

The Build Process

The Build Team

   David Michael Consulting Group Project Supervisors are your first contact once the construction starts. They are working managers, overseeing the work with trade contractors, inspectors and suppliers.

Construction Project Begins

   Now your job is to watch and enjoy. Some things may not go exactly as planned - weather, minor schedule changes, material order delays, and we work around them. You have made a wonderful investment in a changed quality of life for you and your family, and we are more anxious to finish than you are to have us done! But we are committed to doing it right, and want you to be thrilled with the result for the long term.

Construction Finish

It’s all yours, enjoy it the fullest! We’re still here if you need anything.

Interior Design & Landscaping

   Often these ideas grow out of the design-build process, and you may want to complete your new space, or rethink the landscaping, and we are happy to do it. These are fee based services, in addition to the Design-Build service previously contracted.