David Michael
   David Michael Consultant Group was launched to create distinctive and functional surroundings that, above all, express the client’s individuality.  Its Founder, David Michael, is an Architectural Design and Building Specialist with a background in development, financing and real estate investment.  The company’s attention is focused on remodeling and renovation projects, ranging from a small bathroom up-fit, to whole house renovations, commercial building conversions and rehabilitation.  

   The Group designs luxurious and unique interiors/exteriors for private residences, vacation homes, commercial office/retail space, and real estate investment projects, frequently collaborating with City Planners and Builders/General Contractors to ensure a compatible vision, both inside and out.  David Michael’s sophisticated designs and meticulous attention to detail have earned him national recognition and a loyal following of delighted clients.

   Born and raised in the Detroit area, David established his own company in the nationally known suburb of Plymouth, Michigan, designated as one of the top places to live in the United States.  Pursuing a career in Real Estate Investment, David has held Chief Operating Officer, Vice President of Development, General Manager, Lead Project Consultant, Construction Manager and Architectural Designer positions for several prominent residential and commercial Michigan- multi state-based design and building firms.

David’s design philosophy is simple: 

“Design to the needs and wants of individual lifestyle, interests and goals”  

He is recognized for developing personalized environments, 
reflecting the dreams and aspirations of each client.

   While architectural design is the priority, there is constant attention paid to form and function, ensuring that each environment is at once timeless and comfortable. David’s designs are recognized for their flow of space, subtle interplay of architectural details, color and texture, the unexpected juxtaposition of the traditional and contemporary, and the thoughtful details that align aesthetics with form and function. 

   Clients turn to the David Michael Consultant Group for their architectural design expertise, building, investment/financial knowledge, and often seek The Group’s counsel when selecting a house, building, or a site for new construction projects and substantial rehabilitation/conversion of existing residential/commercial building projects, whether it’s for personal use or an investment.

   The principal’s 30 plus years of partnerships and rapport with national quality material vendors, engineers, craftsman and builders insure efficiencies and excellence at every level of the design process.

   With the Groups diverse background, experience, and the team that has been assembled over the years, David Michael Consultant Group can provide the finest Design/Build/Investment services for their clients.  And because of the company’s dedication to customer satisfaction, will insure that all of their projects will surpass even the client’s expectations.

Architectural Design & Building Specialists