David Michael
Architectural Design & Building Specialists

     David Michael Consulting Group kitchen consultants focus on the design, function, space and the aesthetics of the whole room, not just specific elements in isolation, such as cabinets and appliances.

     David Michael Consulting Group kitchen renovations can enhance efficiency and traffic patterns, open up inviting views, accommodate multiple cooks, expand storage space and create flexibility that can give your kitchen a fresh, exciting look.
Put the style back in your life with
 David Michael Consulting Group
     From upgrading a guest bath to creating a private, pampering retreat, the David Michael Consulting Group Specialist can help achieve the look you desire. If it’s time to update or enhance a bath in your home, let our experts help. Whether you’re upgrading, enlarging, or remodeling, a bathroom can bring a substantial return on investment.

David Michael Consulting Group has developed a unique bathroom remodeling process that enables our seasoned bath specialist to compete projects efficiently.
David Michael Consulting Group makes your homes exterior and interior renovations dreams come true. Let our experts design and build your own castle. 

     Our 30 years of experience provides our clients the assurance of meeting your expectations while keeping the project on time and on budget.